A Maiden Confessing her Love to her crush

Girl Confessing her Love

Girl Confessing her Love

Girl Confessing her Love to her crush


You know that my heart is all yours!! Then why is this hide and seek, my love?

I have questioned the stream’s bank. I have asked the fire, wind, air, and sky, there’s no reply? But in the end, I saw you when I looked into my heart temple.

Is my heart a play toy to you? I can’t control my heart tears, my love, I have no more desires, and it won’t hide in my mind. Just give your heart and stay in my heart temple, my dear, melt me in your hugs, and then wholly become mine.

Even after playing in the ocean of milk, your color hasn’t changed yet? Come merge into my heart and change my color. Kindly enter into my heart, become my breath when I breathe, shine on my lips when I smile, and protect me like an attire on my body.

I’m trying to be yours in every possible way, but I feel like your heart turned out to be stone. Delve into my chambers of the heart and see my love, my love, and understand my sorrow.

When the rain god is creating havoc with heavy rain, you lifted the mountain and saved us, but when my eyes are drenching in tears longing for you, how will you protect me, my love? Will you enjoy the tears of flowers?

Am I not a girl? I’m just an ordinary girl like others with an extraordinary love for you. Why don’t you witness my love, my dear, aren’t there any eyes to see that I’m your dream?

My heart throbs with desire every second, and my age is not dumb to realize it? You are the breath within my breath. Just become my breath and stay with me, my love, and please save me from this love thirst.


Movie : Priyuralu Pilichindi
Song: Dobuchulatelara
Music: A. R. Rahman
Singer: K. S. Chithra
Lyricist: Veturi Sundararama Murthy

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