A War Without a Triumph

A War Without a Triumph!!

A War without a Triumph

A war without a Triumph

I know that I’m in the middle of a war in this unprecedented time, where my victory is uncertain.

I don’t know how to end this battle of mine?

The pleasant wound that happened due to this war will never forget by my heart. For how long I have to bear this soul?

The stories of my past, journeys that I have made, and the dreams that I dreamt turned out to be a nightmare. If I console my little heart that my past is just an illusion, then my heart will drench in the fire.

My body is dazed and confused with senselessness. Memories, promises, and moments I shared are chasing after me like wildfire. I try to run, and I try to hide, and I tried to run far from this suffering. But nothing seems to stop my sadness!!

Have you ever seen a sea rising and falling in tides? Have you ever wondered and asked how chaotic the sea is? Or does she at least know how bewildered she is?

Did my wish fulfill after reaching the sky? Did my thirstiness ever stop after getting there?

Shall I at least know what poison is and what is sweet? Does my camouflaged heart ever understand this chaos? The way things are taking place, will it ever be resolved?

The fire slowly started engulfing me, and after reaching my heart, the flame will set ablaze. I don’t know what is day and what is night? And in every nerve of mine, the love turned out to be venom!!

And in the end, if this is my fate, then how I can escape?


Movie: Mahanati

Song: Gelpuleni Samaram

Music: Micky J Meyer

Singer: Ramya Behara

Lyrics: Sirivenalla Seetharma Shastry

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