Environment vs. Coronavirus: Has the COVID-19 Helped Nature?

Environment vs. Coronavirus: Has the COVID-19 Helped Nature? 

Environment vs. Coronavirus: Has the COVID-19 Helped Nature?

Environment vs. Coronavirus: Has the COVID-19 Helped Nature?

The environment is made up of two components. Biological components such as plants, animals, and abiotic components like mountains, rivers, all inanimate objects. Today our environment is being affected due to the selfish activities of humans.

Human beings have exploited nature indiscriminately to make their life happy. Cut down the forest, rip the mountains of the earth and dig it down to hundreds of feet. It destroyed the biosphere that balances the Earth. Destroyed all species of fauna. We have forgotten that this earth is not only for human beings but for the living of all pastures.

Environment vs. Coronavirus: Has the COVID-19 Helped Nature?

Humans Cutting the Trees

In the olden times, to protect the environment, the trees were given the same status as the gods. They can be saved from cutting; they have been worshiped as deities to protect the dense shady and big trees. People do not cut big trees in villages even today, but people cut down trees to elongate the road in urban cities.

What Happened to the Environment During the COVID-19 Outbreak


The people of the country have faced many problems due to the lockdown. On the other hand, the time of lockout has been the best environmentally. During this time, air pollution in cities and rural areas has automatically reduced to a minimum level. The water of all the country’s rivers automatically became clear & accessible the pollution levels came down dramatically. This is nothing short of a miracle.

This time Environment Day is being celebrated all over the world. The government has been spending billions of rupees every year to make the rivers water pollution-free. Even after that, the water of the rivers could not be purified. But due to the long time lockout in the country, the water of the rivers was self-purified without spending a penny. In many water bodies during this period, people have seen dolphins & fishes jumping after 30 years. This was no surprise to the people of the modern era.

Environment vs. Coronavirus: Has the COVID-19 Helped Nature?

Rivers Cleaning Project in India

According to environmentalists, the possibility of getting skin diseases was spread by bathing in the rivers. The purification of the water of those rivers is a huge thing. The water of the country’s largest Ganges River was considered to be the most polluted. The Ganges has become the purest river today. According to the scientists, the clean Ganga water is the decrease of 500 percent dissolved in water. The water has been cleared due to a decrease in sewer and other pollutants falling into the Ganges. These days, the effect on the quality of water of the river Ganga is visible. There is increased oxygen in the Ganges water.

Due to the prolonged lockout in most countries of the world due to the Corona crisis, everything had to be closed. People were imprisoned in their homes all over the world. A long lockout was implemented in India as well. The lockout has not been completely lifted in the country. The entire country has come to a standstill due to the long lockout.

Life has come to a halt everywhere during the COVID-19 Outbreak, and it is like a Science fiction movie becoming a reality. Due to the lockout, factories, industrial institutes, business activities were closed all over the country. Along with this, all the modes of transportation were completely stopped due to the government ban on domestic and international air services, all passenger trains, and all types of vehicles, big and small, because people stopped moving from one place to another completely. Anyway, during the lockout, the government prohibited people from leaving their homes. Due to this, all activities have stopped.

Environment and Animals are Reclaiming its Spaces

After the lockdown & due to the closure of all kinds of activities due to the lockout, people have seen animals & birds roaming freely in big cities of the country after years. Nature is dancing with joy and happiness all around. People have seen many animals & birds playing, flying, and moving around on the cities’ main roads with freedom and without a sense of fear.

Many types of birds and other birds that are extinct in the village are also visible due to the clean environment. Due to the country’s rapid urbanization, many agricultural lands were lost to the population. Due to which trees were cut there and big drains were closed, and big buildings were built. Due to which the animals and birds living there went elsewhere. But the lockout has reminded people of their old days.

Environment Self-cleanliness and Pollution Control

Due to environmental cleanliness, the snow-covered mountain range of the Himalayas from Jalandhar’s city in Punjab has reappeared after years. People there say that due to pollution, such a view was not seen for years. In the last 25 years, the government had spent about Rs. 5000 crores on the cleaning of the Yamuna River. Despite that, the water in the river was not clear. But due to the lockout, the work, which could not be possible in 25 years after spending thousands of crores of rupees, was done automatically in just 2 months. Today, like the Ganges, the water of Yamuna has also been cleaned in large quantities.Environment vs. Coronavirus: Has the COVID-19 Helped Nature?

According to India’s National Health Portal, about 70 lakh people die due to air pollution. Due to air pollution, people do not get pure air. Pollution is having a bad effect on the lungs, heart, and brain in our body. In the country, 34 percent of people die due to pollution. Deaths due to pollution due to the lockout have also been reduced in the country. At the same time, the rate of the sickness of people is being reduced surprisingly.

People going to the hospital have decreased on a large scale. This is because people are sticking to their homes and developing self-care habits, both physically and mentally. If this trend continues, the state of health will improve for sure. According to a survey, most people visit hospitals just for regular check-ups even though they are fine. So, this kind of category is also making the count of patients go down.Environment vs. Coronavirus: Has the COVID-19 Helped Nature?

NASA says that the lowest pollution level is seen in 20 years due to the applicable lockout worldwide. The lockout in the world has increased the possibilities of change, which is now clearly visible. People have become more conscious now about their health and body.

Smoke emanates from huge vehicles, airplanes, etc. That is the cause of all diseases. That pure air is not getting due to diseases like cancer, TB, heart attack, etc., are increasing very fast. If you want to save, then there is a need for environmental protection, which will be clean and your life’s future.

Why it is Important to Protect the Environment?

Environmental Education in the Corona period: Why it is important and necessary

The main objective of celebrating Environment Day is to fight climate change and improve forests’ management by bringing people of all countries together, including other environmental protection methods. People of all age groups have to be actively involved in this festival organized to save the earth. The deteriorating environmental balance has to be halted due to rapid urbanization and frequent cutting.

The last six months can be called a reinterpretation of the correlations between human life and nature. A world entangled in the toxic network of Corona is forced to bear the fruits of its actions. The claim of conquering nature and boasting of scientific science, sitting on its knees, is only praying for freedom from this crisis.

This corona crisis has also posed some questions in front of the whole world, whether moving ahead with the pure sense of co-existence with human nature, the beautiful land worth living to humanity in the hands of the next generation, or its scientific achievements.

However, a microscopic, invisible virus has already defeated the human. It is pleasant that today the world is trying to plan for the conservation and promotion of nature by agreeing with one voice. Conserving nature is not a short-term job. It is a matter of emotion, a novel saga of intimacy written on the canopy of love. And this is possible from a person’s childhood, where he starts living in his surroundings by playing with nature. He should be given a knowledge of nature’s importance and the need to protect and co-exist with it.

Everyone has a definite role in keeping it beautiful and healthy, who are busy all day in their work to keep the earth beautiful without saying anything, without taking the value of their labor. An ant, butterfly, frog, earthworm, bird, bee have as much importance as an elephant, lion, caper, vulture, and jackal. The Protection of trees, rivers, pools, valleys, deserts, mountains, oceans, etc., is necessary for facing future Calamities.

If we want to continue the existence of life on Earth, then the balance of nature must be ensured. Today our balance is deteriorating. The air we breathe, the water we use. Plant animals and other living things all fall under the environment. Why is our environment deteriorating today? We have endangered our life as well as the existence of future life on planets. Today, environmental destruction has become a problem.

Man is constantly destroying nature in the name of science and development: deforestation, an abundance of industries, trade, etc. Environmental protection cannot be imagined without environmental education. If the environment is clean, then people’s life will also be healthy.

It is essential to save the earth from destruction to live a beautiful and healthy life. Unless people develop a natural affection for it, environmental protection will remain a dream. And this is possible only when we add children seriously to environmental education in school education. Filling the syllabus will not help; we will have to take those lessons in life and set an example in front of them.

Suppose we think of doing more for the environment but cannot do it. If there are just some things to do, we have to complete them. For example, disposal of waste should be carried out properly.

The contaminated water coming out of the factories should not be discharged into the river; it should be released only into the drains only. Use water only as needed, keep the air pressure appropriate in the tires of your vehicles to save fuel, carry a cloth bag from the house when you go to the market, remove the bulbs from the whole house and the CFL Plant, use rainwater protected, throw garbage in the right place, plant saplings in the neighborhood and contribute to increasing the greenness of the earth by planting trees in empty places.

Why is it Important to Protect the Environment?

Environmental protection has emerged as the biggest challenge facing the whole world at present. The Environment Department and the common people will have to make meaningful efforts for environmental protection. In the name of development, environmental protection has emerged as a big challenge today due to trees’ heights. Environmental protection means protecting the environment.

By making the commoner a partner in saving the environment, we realize that we and our future generations will have to bear the brunt of the deteriorating environmental imbalance. That is why we need to be cautious and alert about the environment from now on. We have to work fast towards environmental protection; only then will we balance the deteriorating environment imbalance. Only then our future generations will be able to breathe pure air.

Why it is Important to Protect the Environment?

Tree acoustics have great importance in human life. They are handy for humans. They are the basis of human life, but today human beings are ignoring their importance and use. Giving importance to minor benefits, they are constantly being exploited. The number of cut trees should also be planted, but this is not happening, and their number is continuously decreasing. As a result, many problems are appearing in front of humans.

The Universal God created trees in the forests because he appeared on this earth before humans. Who was booming? Who can nurture the life of organisms? Only those who can satisfy the creatures’ hunger can drink the rivers’ water and quench their thirst so that the tree became the place for birds to live and could live their lives.

But when a man came to this earth, he started living as a house according to his wisdom and attracted to the tree plants to drink his food and sleep. Not only this, but the medicine was also available and, in this way, continued to progress. I started using food by technology. Then tomorrow, the factories were built so that he continued to lead his life towards progress.

Then yesterday, the environmental pollution caused by the smoke coming out of the factory started spreading diseases so much that today the contaminated water is emerging as a poisonous air pollution poison. The smoke that comes out of the factory tomorrow is eager to kill trees, animals, birds, and human life. The man never understood that the precious gift of life is nature.

Apart from that, no one is aware but has remained consciously ignorant and is now trying to reach Mars. We have already destroyed mother Earth and are looking for an alternative life on another planet. But nobody understands people want to earn money, and the sad part is we are extracting the temporary thing, i.e., paper from the tree itself for printing currency and writing crap.

By breaking the tradition of living with nature, we eradicated it and encroached its spaces. This is the only reason that today the country is facing the disease from the epidemic like a foreign corona. If the animals and trees are kept safe and stop eating everything or producing weapons out of it, then the same Bio-weapon will Backfire on humans, and COVID-19 is the live Example. We can see the destruction it caused in no time. We should never forget the beauty of life and never forget the supernatural form of the environment. There is still time to plant trees and get life….

This year, the theme of World Environment Day 2020 will be focused on biodiversity. Realizing the importance of this theme, we should all make sure that we stop increasing the atmosphere. We have to take a pledge in our mind & heart that we have to live in harmony with nature.

It would be better to reuse old broken things out of the house as garbage by repairing them. The most important thing is to follow these daily things in your life and make others aware too. Keep your ecosystem safe; everyone has to understand this.

On this Environment Day, let us all think about what else we can do to make our earth clean and green? How can we proceed in this direction? Just planting trees on Environment Day will do nothing. Until we are sure that we will take care of that plant until it becomes a tree. Like that, following health measures during the pandemic and later on, we must follow the same routines to save our environment and ourselves once it ends.

The Corona crisis is also an opportunity for all such things. Come, let us all grow together and, after saving nature, hand over the beautiful earth to the new generation so that they can take pride in us and worship nature conservation.


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