Naan Varuven: The Other Side of Ravana (Veera)

Naan Varuven: The other side of Ravana (Veera)

The Sad Love Story of Ravana

The Sad Love Story of Ravana

The Story of Veera (Ravana)


First, I will explain the plot in detail by comparing it with the mythology of Ramayana. Veera is a bandit who kidnaps Ragini (spouse of the police officer named: Dev) to avenge the death of his sister. Here Veera is none other than Ravana; Dev is Lord Sriram & Ragini is Sita Devi. 

The Sad Love Story of Ravana

Ragini as Sita

Veera abducts her just like Ravana Abducts Sita in Ramayana. Ragini is very reluctant to die in the hands of the goons. So, she wants to end her life by jumping from the cliff, but the mighty Veera comes to her rescue and saves her life.    

Veera has some demands, and he will release Ragini once he meets them. Initially, Veera thought of killing Ragini, but after seeing her self-destructive inclinations & suicidal tendencies & love for her husband. Veera had a change of mind.

The Sad Love Story of Ravana

Ragini Suicide Attempt

Ragini (Sita) Questions Veera (Ravana)


Initially, Ragini is very tight-lipped and couldn’t utter a single word with Veera. It is just like Ramayana. But after observing Veera’s behavior, she comprehended that he is not a bad guy. So, after some incidents, Ragini decided to confront Veera.

Then Veera (Ravana) narrates his sister’s tale and how she is humiliated and raped; her only crime is she refused to reveal Veera’s whereabouts. Here the Sister of Veera is nothing but Shurpanakha, the lady who is instantly smitten by Rama’s good looks. 

Rama, however, rejects her since he is married and loyal to his wife. Then the Mad-lady runs after Laxmana, but he reacts harshly and says he is not looking for a girl like her. 

The Sad Love Story of Ravana

Disfigured Face of Shurpanaka

Then both the brothers started making fun of her. Shurpanakha didn’t like it a bit. So, the humiliated and incensed lady runs to assault Sita, but Laxmana comes to Sita Recuse and cuts the nose of Surpanakha.

Shurpanakha’s face was completely disfigured, and she is Furious about the Incident. She then went to her brother Ravana’s court and complained to him about the disgrace that she had suffered. 

Then The Ten-headed Demon King decided to kidnap Sita. So, he disguised himself and abducted Sita. But, even after the kidnapping, he respected her in every possible way and never mistreated or abused her. 

The Sad Love Story of Ravana

Ravana Kidnaps Sita

Interlinking Ravana Story to Current Era


So, my question is, in the present generation harassing or humiliating a girl is considered a crime, and many laws are enforced to protect the dignity of the woman. 

Shurpanakha expressed her love/lust towards the Ram-Laxmana Brothers but is it fair to cut her nose and disfigure her face completely. I’m asking if these so-called magnificent people inspire the current crimes in the name of love? 

Note: According to our mythology, some people claim that Laxmana disfigures the nose of shurpanaka so that she cant lure the men again (especially married men) and stop doing heinous crimes again. Here I’m not glorifying the act of shurpanaka and Ravana but trying to interpret it with the movie.

Even after knowing about the incident of her sister’s humiliation, Ravana didn’t respond like the way Laxmana did; he abducted Sita only because Shurpanakha was physically ruined. This ultimately triggered the battle between Ravana and Rama.

The Sad love Story of Ravana

Veera posing in front of Rama’s Idol

Coming back to the movie story, the director portrayed Veera’s role in another way since the director wants to show the other side of Ravana, so he wrote the story differently. 

After that inhuman act, Veera’s sister ends her life by committing suicide. But in the Ramayana, there is no further mention of Shurpanakha. Some theories claim that she lived in Lanka inside totally in a bolted room since her face is distorted. It is just like the Acid-Attacks on women in the current generation.

Veera’s (Ravana) Confession to Ragini (Sita)


After listening to the story, Ragini felt sorry for him, but to her surprise, Veera expressed his liking towards her, but she refuses because she is still devoted to his Husband. 

The Sad Love Story of Ravana

Veera (Ravana) with Ragini (Sita)

Here the story is written in reverse format keeping Veera Sister in the unique Circumstances. Veera, after Ragini’s rejection, didn’t harass or threaten her to love him back.

The Cunning Plan of Dev


A secret messenger Sneaks into Ragini Place, but the Veera Gang catches him. The messenger tells him to return Ragini to Dev or be liable for the devastation of his tribe.

The Sad Love Story of Ravana

Dev Plans to Kill Veera (Ravana)

Veera Bluntly refuses the advice. Veera’s sibling mediated in the issue and went with Messenger to settle the issue. At the beginning of the discussion, Dev agrees to a peaceful settlement but later uncovers his cunning nature by killing Veera’s brother and made a statement like: “My mission is to kill Veera and to save her wife is the secondary thing.”


Veera colludes with Dev.


Veera reaches the police camp with his rage, and ahead to head fight b/w Dev and Veera are in full swing. They both engaged in serious fighting. Veera outplays Dev completely, and Dev is on the losing side.

Since Veera knows Ragini is in profound love with Dev, he chooses to stop the fight and save Dev since Veera knows the real meaning of love and how people will suffer when losing their loved ones. Veera saves Dev from falling to his death because his wife was waiting for him. 

The Sad love Story of the Ravana

Veera saves Dev

Veera Disappears from the scene, and he is lost in the woods, but the thirst for killing Veera is deeply implanted in Dev’s psyche. Later, Veera releases Ragini, and she and Dev re-unite together.

Dev Confronts Ragini


Dev was guilty of not killing the Veera. But, Dev wants to kill Veera. The only weapon to lure Veera out is Ragini. So, he accused her wife of disloyalty and provoked her to demonstrate her innocence. Infuriated, Ragini leaves Dev to meet Veera.

This is just like Ramayana. Rama Suspects Sita of any possible affair with Ravana, so he questions her. Here in this story, just like Rama, Dev suspects his wife. 

Veera (Ravana) Dies


Dev trapped Ragini psychologically and later followed her with his team, reached Veera’s hideout, and confronted the duo. 

With all her robustness, Ragini tries to save Veera by standing in front of the bullets, but Veera pushes her out of the line of fire and is shot multiple times. Veera falls from the mountain to his death with a smile. Veera understands that Ragini loves him, so he decides to die happily. 

The sad love story of Ravana

Veera Falling from the cliff

Dev shoots Veera, and he slowly falls from the cliff. So, keeping Veera in mind, I’m going to present to you the feeling of Veera from his perspective. The end credit song where Veera expresses his feelings. 

The climax song is arguably the most heart-wrenching song, but it didn’t get the required attention. Later, AR Rahman re-released the song for the album changing seasons.

The song is technically praised for its Direction (Mani Ratnam), cinematography (by Santosh Sivan), music (by AR. Rahaman), Incredible acting by Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, and exceptional lyrics penned by the maestro Vairamuthu. Today I’m going to write the real meaning or story related to this song. So, here we go!!

Naan Varuven Song Translation: Veera’s World


Veera, with a smile on his face, saying like this.

Is shall come back; I will come back for you,

Maybe not in this life, but my next life.

I will be reborn and come back again.

“After finding out the love of Ragini, Veera was awestruck, but Veera knows that he is going to die, his life, his desires, his love, everything flashes in front of him, while slowly slipping from the cliff.”

“He is saying I will come back to you because Ravana never dies.

The Sad Love Story of Ravana


Life is nothing but an infant scrapbook. We don’t know what is written in.

What is the meaning of life? When we think everything is falling in place, it changes its course.

We are dwelling and quenching to find the meaning of it.

It is impossible to find the meaning of life.

“Here, the author is comparing life with the kid’s scrapbook; we don’t know what is written in that book, but when we try to find the meaning, it takes a U-turn.

Likewise, Veera has so many questions about his life but doesn’t have answers. Just as he begins to get some clearness, the whole game changes.”

“Veera forgives Dev, but Dev wants to kill him even though he saved his life. That’s why the lyrics were penned as it’s not possible to predict life since life goes by in a blink of an eye.”


A dream is floating in the air, while I’m floating in the air,

At the same time, that dream is smiling at me.

The dream is making mockery at me.

For a while, I thought I’m flying with bliss,

But later realized that I’m leaving this world.

Life is so cruel; because you can’t get what you want.


Life is unpredictable; love is even more mysterious; we don’t have the foggiest idea when it begins, where it enters us; it will become our addiction and kills us softly. Love is eternal. 

So, he penned the lyrics: “I SHALL COME BACK.” This is an unfathomable story, and the narrator will drag us to the point where we have to decide whether Veera or Dev is right? And what the ultimate conclusion for Veera. 

Ragini and Veera’s inner perspectives are still tough to understand; it will make you stupefied without a doubt. Is it possible that she defends him in the name of justice and not love?

 She is aware of his past and the reason for his behavior. That is why she defends him?

Does she really love him? Her husband plays with her integrity and exploits it to get to Veera? That is why she decided to protect him!!

Leaving Ragini behind, Veera’s love for Ragini is true. It was proved in many instances. He Protected her, Respected her, and Ultimately loved her unconditionally!! But is it fair to kill him? 

Source of this Incredible tale of Love


This story is an adaptation from the great Indian mythology, i.e., Ramayana. The director related the character of Veera to Ravana. So, keeping these things into consideration, the writer brilliantly molded the climax in his style and wrote the song like “I SHALL COME BACK.”

The Sad Love Story of Ravana

The reason behind the statement is as follows, According to Indian mythology, Ravana will be reborn again, and again that is why we burn the ten-headed king Ravana every year to mark his death, you know what, Ravana never dies?

It is tough to define, who is good, and who is evil.

This is a story of Enigmatic and inexplicable love between Ragini and Veera!!!


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