The Role of Caste in Indian society: Caste, Religion & Honor Killing

Caste, Religion & Honor Killing

Caste, Religion & Honor Killing

Caste, Religion & Honor Killing

What is Caste? 

A caste is a form of social Division characterized by endogamy, the hereditary transference of a way of life which includes an occupation, ritual status in a hierarchy, and a kind of customary social gathering within his local community. But, according to our rules caste is nothing but Greed, Pride, Glory, Arrogance, Honor & Discriminating others.

What is Religion? 

It is nothing but the belief in and worship of a Superpower, Particularly a personal God of particular faith and worship. But according to our own rules religion is nothing but killing one another, Demolishing Properties, Spreading hate, Convictions, and creating chaos!!

Caste, Religion & Honor Killing

Religion Symbols

The next question is what is the religion of God? What is the caste of god? God has no religion or caste! I say: “Pray to god you need, changing an image or offer doesn’t change the power! Just believe in the power, not the image, icon, or idol!”

Caste, Religion, and honor in our current society

These days whenever I turn to TV or Media, all I hear in the news, Debates about caste & religion.  During this pandemic, the news channels muffle every time with conspiracy theories by conducting live debates over caste & religion. If I type Religious channels in India, I find hundreds of such kinds, busy promoting their so-called religion or caste. Matrimonial Websites are ruling the advertisement section. Currently, these websites progressed a lot & displaying ads confined to one caste or religion!! Where is this Going?

Caste, Religion & Honor Killing

Caste system in India

People Divided according to the Work or Profession they follow. It doesn’t imply that one is superior or the other is inferior. Everybody has their skills and talent if you ask a Software Employee to clean the streets of the city or clean the sewage or drainage canal? Will he be able to do this by leaving his job behind? He can’t do it because of the profession he chose.

But the people who are working in this profession are not inferior to the so-called IT employee. Every work has his dignity, we call it the dignity of labor or employee. What is the role of caste or Religion here? I was baffled!

But our society considers this as caste and recklessly shows differentiation and belittles another person since he chooses the profession that he wants to live.

A man refused food delivery over Religion & Honor!! 

A well-educated man from a so-called upper caste or religion rejected the food delivery because he is under a religious fast and told during this month we can’t accept any orders from other religions & declined the order!! This guy posted the same on twitter and later deleted due to the atrocity it caused. These sensitive issues lead to significant chaos in our country.

Caste, Religion & Honor Killing

Zomato Reply

This is the sort of hatred spreading by individuals towards other religions. This is the live proof that India’s caste system is still alive! Adding Tags to the names and Glorification of Caste & Religion Names on vehicles are the things people taking pride in!! 

If the person from the same religion has delivered the order, then did he know who has prepared the food? Did he know who developed the APP from where he ordered the Food? If a Vaccine or drug is invented by a person from another religion or caste? At that point, if he is in need? I guess that particular religion or caste which he follows will help him!

Not only this, but there are also many kinds of activities taking place in every nook and corner of the country, over religion and caste. Communal riots, Honor Killings, and hate speeches are doing rounds in the country. 

Riots in India over Religion/Caste

There is a separate Wikipedia page dedicated to Lists of Riots in India. The reasons for the Riots are augmented by religion or caste. Disputes over celebrations, Demolishing of famous monuments, Reservation issues, assassinations of leaders, Spreading of Rumors, Issues regarding language, Political Processions, Broadcasting issues, Social Media Postings, convictions, and citizenship amendment act, etc.

Anyone who has nothing better to do will fight in the name of religion or caste. Because of the so-called idiots, our country is ripping apart. Lakhs of People lost their lives for the sake of religion or caste. The primary Reason Quoted by the people with respect to these riots is Honor? If I elaborate it is Honor Killing!

What is Honor killing? 

The definition I found in Google is – Slaughter to save the family from stigma, disgrace, or Murder to secure the pride of religion & caste What’s the hell is even that?

Honor Killing is called killing in the guise and sometimes in the name of conspiracy to protect the honor of family, caste, or religion. Perhaps the law of any civilized country would not allow it, but some religions, families, some castes, Structure their laws, constrained to follow this ugly tradition in the name of caste.

History of Honor killing in India

For the last few years, there has been a discussion of “Honor Killing” in the print and electronic media of India and this discussion continues even today. Sometimes this issue is discussed loudly in the media and sometimes in a mellow voice. 

But away from the media headlines, the series of murders of boys and girls (Related to love) in the name of honor continues unabated. All the killings in the name of honor do not even come in the media headlines. Many murders are suppressed by stating suicide or mishaps. 

Caste, Religion & Honor Killing

Honor Killing

“Honor killing”, as the name implies, killing someone for the honor. In the name of “honor”, about thousands of people are killed every year in India (this figure is official but the actual number is much more than this). 

A girl married a Person out of her caste irrespective of her family decision Sorry, we call it an Inter-caste marriage. Her father can’t digest this act, so he hired local goons and brutally murdered her husband. 

The only crime of these people is that they dare to choose their life partner from their choice. But the reactionaries, the so-called contractors of social ethics, are not even allowed in the Name of Honor, Caste, or Religion.

Her Father was tied up with mercenaries just because she married a person belonging to another caste or religion. The sad part is that the girl was pregnant at that time & was taken to the hospital for a regular checkup. 

While they were done and returning from hospital, the assailant attacked her husband with a knife & killed him on spot. The murder case was then sensational. Her father has been imprisoned for the brutal murder of her daughter’s better-half. 

When Police questioned him about the intention of him in committing this heinous crime. He replied he did in the name of honor (honor killing) just to protect his religion and caste.

This is a great example of how our society is considering caste and religion as an honor. Many people protested against him and so-called caste and religion followers supported him too!! 

Due to some sick laws of our country, He was out on bail six months ago. He has been staying in Hyderabad since then. Recently he Committed suicide by Drinking Poison. The reason behind this is still unknown. He killed his daughter’s husband and later he committed suicide. I still don’t understand what his accomplishment was.

Then at last honor won the battle!! Sheer Ridiculous. He may be regretted his crime or fear from society, religion, or caste. Since our society never minds their own business they all want to check and question the fate of others. 

Inter caste marriage or marrying outside the religion has been gradually accepted in most of the regions in our country due to education, employment, way of thinking, middle-class economic backgrounds, and urbanization. But still, some ancient people, as well as educated fools, are following the ugly tradition of Honor Killing.

Honor Killings around the World

This happens not only in our country but in some form or the other it happens in many countries of the world. In many countries, most women are targeted in killings in the name of honor. 

According to Wikipedia, murders are carried out in the name of honor in countries like Albania, Bangladesh, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Italy, Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey, Uganda, etc. 

America, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, etc. are the Countries whose democratic values ​​are comparatively more deeply embedded in the social fabric due to their specific historical development and due to the powerful movements, people have the right to make decisions in social and personal life without any barriers like caste and religion.

There, other citizens respect the privacy and personal liberty of any citizen. The decisions related to love and marriage of youth are accepted happily in the societies there. The interference of the third person in the affairs of love and marriage of the youth has ended completely. 

The tradition of ‘arranged marriage’ has reached the dustbin of history long ago. At present, the cases of “honor killing” are coming to these countries only among those who have settled here from backward countries, especially Asian countries.

Reasons for Honor Killing

The reason why a person is a victim of “honor killing” is not only love but many other reasons are entitled to kill someone for the sake of “honor”, especially of women. 

For example, if a woman wants to get fed up with her husband or wants to divorce another man, etc. In many cases, her murder is considered justified only based on power. In Jordan, for example, a 17-year-old girl was killed in 2007 simply because the murderer suspected that she had an affair with a man.

The method of killing in the name of “honor” is so disgusting and terrible as it would not have been done with animals. These killers protect their “honor” by stoning “the culprits”, strangling, shooting, and burning. 

However, many laws have been made against it, which, like other laws, are licking the dust of files, which is not implemented. There are also laws in many countries that justify killings done for “honor”.

In Pakistan, there is punishment for “honor killing” but in practice the police and courts openly violate it. If the murderer claims that he has done this act for “respect”, he is absolved. Most of the laws are such that protect the murderers by not helping the victims.

According to the law made during the Zia-ul-Haq rule in Pakistan, murderers can be easily acquitted by giving some compensation to the relatives of the victim. This law is still openly promoting ‘Karo-Kari’ a form of honor killing in Pakistan. In most of the cases, the murderer is a close relative of the victim, so he gets freedom without any compensation for forgiveness.

According to Jordan’s current law “Penal Code 340“, anyone who has detected the “illegitimate” relationships of his wife or female relative can kill or injure her/him and freely move around without any punishment. 

According to Syrian law, if someone’s wife, sister, or female relative has relations with another man, then he is entitled to kill him. The law of all these countries gives men the courage to kill women in the name of “honor killing” of the family. In other words, these inhuman murders have legal protection.

“If a partner is not loyal in a relationship, then the other partner has a natural right to leave it. But based on Infidelity, if someone kills someone, it can be a sign of a rude society. Because the minute she/he commits this act they don’t understand it immediately but later trauma and consequences will make them a living-corpse”

A society that does not allow its young generation to make decisions about their lives, where the old generation and the unbridled power of men still prevail in families, the society in which the strong bonds of stereotypes and traditions still prevail today is that of capitalism It is cursed to accept every kind of injustice.

This inhuman phenomenon of killings in the name of “honor” is more in those countries where capitalist development has taken place through a gradual process of slow reforms without any democratic revolution. 

Capitalist production relations have been established in these countries, but this capitalism did not bring democratic values ​​here like European countries. Even today on the socio-cultural level, the hold of feudal values ​​is very strong. 

The solution to this problem is associated with the radical transformation of the present system. Certainly, we will not have to wait for the end of this and have to fight against these violent tendencies through tremendous cultural propaganda and struggle for the independence of People.

But it is also certain that a sustainable solution to these problems is possible only in a socio-economic structure that makes the relations of exploitation and oppression between humans impossible in every way

The Role of Society in Honor Killing

Non-democratic values ​​are deeply ingrained in the socio-cultural fabric of these countries (India is also one of them). For this reason, there is no place for concepts like personal freedom and privacy. “Society interferes with every decision of a person’s life whether it is a question of love, marriage, employment or any other”

Not willingly, not even with anger, sometimes with pressure and fear from the society (because the damn society decides your fate) lead to these crimes. Honor Killing has been happening in all countries, but there is no place for them in a civilized society. Sometimes these crimes are camouflaged by a fake accident or suicide to avoid law and punishment.

The main reasons for Honor Killing are related to marriage, the main ones being – marrying a person of another caste, or a person of another religion, without the permission of parents or Marrying outside the community.

There is a need to change the mind for such deaths. Most importantly, the law of the country is at the top. No community or individual has the right to punish any person or family by making their laws. If a person or organization is practicing honor killing, they should be punished. 

There is one organization that performs spot marriages when they found a boy and girl roaming together. This group enters the scene and makes the couple tie the knot and posts it on the Social Media platform as if they have achieved something in life!! these kinds of groups should not be spared.

According to the law of our country, a girl can get married at the age of 18 and a boy at the age of 21, for which the consent of the parents is not necessary, the girl is not necessary to be self-supporting. 

It is the basic nature of humans to get attracted to another gender, but till the minimum age limit of marriage has been set, neither are they able to become self-sufficient nor for the responsibility of marriage. 

Some communities in India are demanding to reduce the minimum marriage limit. This would be a very regressive step especially to the girls from rural areas. We cannot take away the right of education, freedom, and self-respect from the youth by imposing senseless restrictions. There is no need to think seriously. The people of rural areas need to understand this.

Parents should give time to ensure that the children complete their studies or his/her interest, make a career, and after that their views will be considered. Parents should not be overprotective with their children, they should always have a friend-like relationship so that they feel secure to express their feelings and do not take any wrong step & always seek advice from them.

In this way, the chances of eloping can be greatly reduced. Eloping has also become the reason for Honor Killing in most of the cases. 

There is no problem with the Urban & educated people regarding the inter-caste marriage systems. But the caste system (useless system) has deep-rooted in society. Even today, many people do not like getting married in a lower caste (I don’t know what is this lower and upper caste). 

In villages, the situation is inexplicable. It is wrong to interrupt the marriage of adult people of two different castes, who are also self-sufficient. Parents should consider all the things from both sides and come to a favorable conclusion, but without thinking anything and considering caste as the top Priority is ridiculous and killing the person in the name of Honor killing is the most Heinous Crime.

Children marry against the will of the parents only when all efforts to convince them have gone in vain. Yes, when the parents are not supporting (the reason might be caste, religion, community, or other) then the Children become self-reliant and go for the marriage without their consent.

So, as soon as this happens the society comes into the picture and starts giving free pieces of advice, tormenting, mocking, and hurting their self-respect and ego. So, after going through this trauma the mind goes to a depressed state and begins to think about honor, and finally killing in the name of Honor happens.

“It is to be understood that the society will not remember these things for long, because they always search for breaking news in society. If they get a new story then the focus will shift to other headlines”

Final words on Caste, Religion & Honor Killing

A lot of adjustments have to be done at the individual level, customs, and lifestyle changes have to be made. Adjustment is required for every marriage, but more adjustments have to be made in inter-caste marriages and marriages in other religions. 

A love affair of two people from different religions can also lead to communal disturbances. A question is raised about conversions. From there, voices arise that such marriages are done only after conversion (I don’t know what is this) If the people of two different religions decide that they want to get married, then parents should support them and as far as possible marriage should be done without any special conversion act.

Sometimes if marriage happens between a rich family and poor family then there are high chances of Honor killing and we have witnessed many such kinds of killings in the society.

The society also prohibits the marriage of persons belonging to the same gotra. There are incidents of expelling such marriages not only from family and society but also from life. It is believed that people of a gotra are descendants of the same ancestors, they have a relationship of blood, so they cannot marry among themselves. 

Indeed, there should not be marriage in close blood relationships, but not all people of a gotra have a close relationship. Even if there is a relation between the ancestors, it happens many generations ago. Generally, there should not be a relationship of blood for at least three generations for marriage.

From the very beginning in the family informally, children continue to learn the affection and dignity of every relationship, if the older people keep their behavior under control and change according to the generation then the children will also learn the same.

It is important to maintain dignity in the family to develop affection in relationships. As complicated as the situation may be, Honor killing or killing someone in the name of Honor is not the solution.

Husband and wife should remain loyal to each other, infidelity, illegal affairs should be under check. Thinking about killing a third person is not a solution. The last option can be divorce, but murder is not an option.

A murder is a murder, life is neither saved nor honor by calling it murder to save honor. Even if something unexpected happens, one should be patient and take steps with patience, find solutions. Murder cannot solve any problem. 

Act like a Human!! Stop Honor Killing!!


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