The Government We Need During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Government We Need During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Government We Need During the Coronavirus Pandemic


How the government of china dealt with corona? How has the corona commotion slowed down in China? What made China and India special? Why China can escape the threat of a recession & rapidly recover from the corona crisis? What are the actions that contributed to it? Is it any wonder that the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (ACTAD) claims that China will be able to escape the world economic recession? It strongly believes that India, like China, will not suffer a recession.

Current Scenario in china


In the past few weeks, the number of passengers traveling on subway trains has increased by 21 percent over the past few days, while domestic passenger traffic has increased by 3 percent. Production operations in automobile factories have resumed. Pharmaceutical Productions and raw materials supply chain management is in full flow. One of the facts to be noted is that China is the largest supplier of medical equipment to the various nations including India.

Steps Taken by China Government


  • One of the first steps the China Government has taken to effectively combat the coronavirus is to provide the necessary kits to carry out diagnostic tests. They were made available in just three weeks. This makes it possible to identify people who are infected and from whom they have spread.
  • The second step is to make large quantities of disease protection equipment such as masks and sanitizers available.
  • The third step is to implement lockdown in states where the virus is prevalent. This made it possible to prevent corona outbreaks from Wuhan.
  • The fourth action plan of the government is – to allow for the re-opening of specific business entities.

How the Indian Government should act


These above actions conducted by the Chinese officials have completely reduced the chances of corona spreading. The industrialists who strictly followed them were allowed to continue their production activities.

Another important step is the government should constantly make public the information about Corona. This step will make people fully cooperative. The Government should bring strict laws and regulations regarding rumors on the social media posting & sharing across channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter & snap chats. Funny videos regarding the corona on platforms like TIKTOK should be properly monitored.

We can appreciate whats App in this matter. This app has already restricted the end to end messages with encryptions & confined content to just one user at a time. This move will curb the spread of misinformation on a larger scale.

News channels should stop making debates on corona by adding caste and religion to it. Since this kind of sensitive talk-shows will cause malicious rumors and may cause social disturbances and chaos in the country.

The Government We Need During the Coronavirus Pandemic

                     COVID-19 & Social Media

The major success of the Chinese government is that they firmly resisted the spread of rumors about corona disease. We must implement similar measures in our country.

Corona testing kits should produce large quantities of disease protection equipment and make it available to health care workers. They should also be exported to other countries where necessary.

Employees working in different companies should give a QR code. This means that everyone has to report their health conditions every day. This made it possible to track the person & allowed free movement during the lockdown.

The second step is to create artificial boundaries around each state. On April 20 (the day after the end of the partial lockdown), the government is in dire straits. Why? If the lockdown is completely lifted, the virus is more likely to spread.

If the lockdown goes on, people will be starved of hunger: What is the way? 


The degree of corona outbreak in each state must be estimated accurately. Allowing lockdown waivers in states where the number of infected victims is high and the number of infected people is low.

Lockdown must be strictly maintained in some states on a mandatory basis and the local authority should support it. The entry or exit of such states shall be permitted only after rigorous examination. By doing so, economic activity in some states can recover.

The Government We Need During the Coronavirus Pandemic

                COVID-19 vs Self Hygiene

Government employees should be fully engaged in the corona building. The central and state governments are required to report all non-emergency education, public and judicial staff members on duty to their immediate primary health center. Each of these civil servants must delegate public health care responsibilities to specific areas in towns and villages.

Responsibility of Government Employees & volunteers


Government employees should be fully engaged in the corona building. The center and state governments have a total of two crores employees. One million people are to be recruited for anti-coronavirus duties.

The center and state governments have a total of two crores employees. One million people are to be recruited for anti-coronavirus duties. There are 30 crores families in our country.

This means that each public employee has to carry out the responsibilities of protecting an average of 30 families from the corona. For this, they have to visit the families of the 30 families every day. It will not be difficult for them. If possible the state-run officials must recruit volunteers across the districts and towns to take part in anti-coronavirus duties.

The Government We Need During the Coronavirus Pandemic

                COVID-19: Role of Volunteers

The central & state government should provide official corona statistics to the public about the latest information in the country every evening. State Governments & also within the States also have to fulfill this duty.

The government should circulate the official information regarding the various zones like the Red zone, orange zone, and green zones and the measures to implement in these particular zones. Police officials should stop acting violently against the people, thrashing people inappropriately should be under the radar, and proper action should be enforced on that officials in every possible way.

While the common people, daily wage labor, immigrant workers are suffering from hunger, the government should provide food for the poor and other vulnerable groups who live on hard times & difficult to make their ends meet. If the funds are inadequate, a certain percentage of the wages and pensions of government employees & civil servants should be reduced.

Easy Diagnostic tests for COVID-19


Diagnostic tests cost four and a half to five thousand rupees to get infected or infected with the deadliest coronavirus that afflicts the world. The facility to perform these tests is also not available in all labels.

As such, the Government of India is conducting these tests with the first priority for those who come from abroad, relatives, and close friends of the victims who have been diagnosed with corona. Other people who come forward with coronary symptoms are being tested at a rate of a few people per day under the second primary.

Clinicians say that the primary coronavirus infection is characterized by colds, dryness, difficulty breathing or fatigue, and fever. However, these symptoms are not present in single coronary patients but also in those suffering from emphysema and bronchitis.

A former consultant for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in Britain, East Yorkshire General Physician Dr. Nick Summerton, has found the easiest method to diagnose coronary infections without such confusion.

He concludes that the coronary orbits are basically determined by the amount of oxygen in the blood. The percentage of oxygen in the blood can be easily determined by using a pulse oximeter. These meters are easily available from around 1800 to Rs 1500 worldwide.

These oximeters are almost the same size as the clips that are used to pull the clothes out. These meters detect oxygen in the blood through pulse noise. In general, Oxygen pulse rate is about 95 percent of health. Some people may naturally have lower oxygen pulse rates than others who do not have any illness.

Doctors suggested that the oxygen pulse rate should be checked every two to three hours so that if the pulse rate falls to two or three percent, it should be consulted immediately. He said the corona could be detected much earlier by dropping the oxygen pulse rate before coughing, shortness of breath, and fever.

Dr. Summerton explained that he had seen the pulse rate drop before most people had seen coronary symptoms, but that some people had other coronary symptoms, such as blurring of the lips, dullness, or shortness of breath before the pulse rate fell.

However, the goal is to detect the corona as quickly as possible before the virus can infect one another. Pulse oximeters are used by every general physician in India to track heart and lung function in patients. Anyone can use these without the help of a doctor.

Therefore, the government should take immediate steps to carry out all the above measures to avoid the economic downturn during the corona period.




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