Challa Gaali Thakuthunna Song Lyrics Translation

Challa-Gaali Thakuthunna Song Lyrics Translation:

Movie: Yevade Subramanyam (Who is Subramanyam?)

Original Lyrics: Ananta Sriram (Telugu)

Music: Radhan/ Ilaiyaraaja

This lyric Challa-Gaali Thakuthunna has been inspired by the movie Yevade Subramanyam, This movie is about exploring the unknown destination name DHOODKASHI. The main Protagonist went in search of the place with the help of the map provided by his childhood friend, sadly that friend lost his life in an accident without fulfilling his dream. 

So in the first place, the protagonist feels reluctant to do take the journey, but later realized the importance of it with the help of a Girl. He then keeps the burden on his shoulders and explores the unexplored destination with lots of hurdles.

Challa-Gaali Thakuthunna Song Lyrics Translation

            Challa-Gaali Thakuthunna Song lyrics

So, in this process of finding the place, he found his true self and understands the true value of life. The Girl with whom he met in this journey falls for him. They both started towards the destination and in the process, they introduced to a sweet leaf by a sage in the Himalayas & completely intoxicated with the natural ingredient. At this point, they feel high on cloud nine. They have drenched in it & start Humming like this:

Challa-Gaali Thakuthunna Song Lyrics Translation

           Sweet Leaf Refers to Marijuana

Here are the lyrics:          

My heart is feeling high today (maybe due to the cold breeze) that I feel like touching the sky, I’m on cloud nine.

After hitting the sky, I’m feeling like falling like a drizzle (With happiness) towards the earth.

What is this deception? I didn’t encounter this kind of Ecstasy earlier. Is this is a Chemical Romance or Hormonal imbalance (maybe due to the drug)? I’m like a trance & trance-like state.

Challa-Gaali Thakuthunna Song Lyrics Translation

      Challa-Gaali Thakuthunna Song Lyrics

I feel like some unknown force is dragging me towards something. It is making me succumb to the situation without my idea. I have nowhere to go but to dwell on it and feel the paradise.

Is there anybody out there to save me from this, my wishes will not be controlled by someone else? Right?? This wordplay is making me bewildered; did these thoughts attack (Probably feeling like a heart attack) in me?

Challa Gaali Thakuthunna Song Lyrics Translation

        Challa-Gaali Thakuthunna Song Lyrics 

Is it possible to change the journey, once we know the destination? I feel like I’m in the wrong place, even though I choose the right path. Sometimes I feel the wonder, that is this my path? And is it me walking?

I try to behave myself but I couldn’t resist, is this feeling of intense longing for something Or someone? Why are this appetite and craving?? My impulse for doing some crazy things is overflowing today. This is just outrageous.

Challa Gaali Thakuthunna Song Lyrics Translation

       Challa-Gaali Thakuthunna Song Lyrics:                                 Longing  for Someone

Anyhow, I have lost myself and my heart is somewhere? I want to know about my destination. This untoward reaction is love? This unintended effect is love?

Love is never a crime? Love is just another blossom of friendship!!

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