The Art of Empowering Women: Then & Now

Author: Suravi Das

Email: [email protected]

Empowerment is not only related to education but also extended towards financial growth, social growth, by acquiring essential skill sets and financial education. The financial education needs to be motivational and wistful to get employment and to create self-employment. 

The inputs for empowering women are diversified with emerged components such as proper education to gain financial stability, social education to act socially active, moral education to line up through the process, the reasoning for taking an appropriate decision concerning the situation and boosting up self-will to get recognized and to create self-identity, strong financial support to fulfill dreams in tiny twinkling eyes. 

The outputs of all effort result from thoughtful, capable, confident, skilled, independent women who actively participate in the progress of human camp economically, socially, morally and financially.

Various components of women empowerment schemes serve the ultimate purpose that is the overall growth of women’s kind for creating a healthy, knowledgeable, skillful future of modern human society. In the era of computer, internet and 21st century, women need to be trained in advanced technologies, and skillful in the ever-demand sectors.

Production, transportation, and supply, each functional area needs an intelligent mind to regulate these activities effectively. So, the new age lady should fly out from worrying about basic needs and education, she needs to involve enthusiastically to extract core theories of all essential lives’ dependent practices, education, skills and adaptive to change. 

You must have heard, “survival of fittest” and “adaptation for survival” theory that is modified with the practical world saying, “survival of fittest who can adapt the changes” and this modern practical though theory not only applies in financial progress field but also important in almost all aspects of a woman’s life.

For the well-being of women from each corner of the world, many voices have been raised and numbers of helping hands have come forward in the form of private and government organizations, NGOs, etc. Empowerment started as a little seed of encouragement, grows into the plant by skills acquirement, turns into the tree with success and achievement. This is the power, the result of determination, self-love, and education.

“Needs are the mother of inventions”, and “Needs are the source of employment”.

Empowerment has some or other way to meet employment and employment works until needs are there. So, it’s time to focus and identify the most demanded fields such as healthcare, food (Hotel and restaurant), medicines at primary section, followed by clothes, shoes, goods productions, manufacture and packaging sectors as he secondary source. 

The sector of Information Technology (IT) is another leading source of employment in this internet world and can be considered as a tertiary source. The oldest profession such as cultivation, stitching and handicraft designing can be opted as the tertiary source of income for women, for self-employment.

 So, now the time has arrived the rethink all possible ways to make women progress, self-sufficient, respectful among all. All professions carry an equal potential to fly and reach the sky-high. With basic education, and passion with related training can be a medium to employment and empowerment.

For example, a girl with an awesome voice and extreme interest towards singing should be encouraged to join a music school, exceptional IQ should lead to the path of banking, research, civil service sector, intelligent minds should direct towards software, engineering, and IT sectors, creative minds needs professional training in art, music, and writing area. 

When a small seed of an idea will grow with encouragement, support, well education, training, and confidence, it can refine itself to grow into a huge tree of success by adding another chapter to women empowerment.

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