The Conspiracy Theories on COVID-19: A Critical Review on Corona Virus

Conspiracy theories on covid-19: A critical Review on coronavirus

A critical Review on coronavirus

Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories on COVID-A Critical Review

When the world is suffering from the Coronavirus Pandemic physically, mentally & economically, when the world is busy coming up with treatments that will prove effective against Coronavirus. When will a vaccine for the Coronavirus disease be ready?

What level of social distancing will be required to tame the Coronavirus outbreak, and how long will it need to last? Will outbreaks come in waves? Amid all these vital forward-looking questions, Out of the blue china drastically reporting very few cases, temporary hospitals are been closed & the situation is in control.

As the Coronavirus spread around the world, china declares: we defeated coronavirus? What does it mean? They are quoting that: we have recovered from the pandemic due to self-quarantine & strict lockdown for months. But can we believe them? Many conspiracy theories are strongly questioning the role of china in spreading the disease.

So, China is recovering while the rest of the world is struggling with Coronavirus. 3.8 lakh+ cases are reported all around the world and the figure has doubled in 2 weeks. At the same time, 82 thousand people were recovered in China, it has almost half of the global cases. Chinas numbers are falling but elsewhere the death toll is mounting & the diseases are spreading at a faster rate.

The Conspiracy Theories on COVID-19: A Critical Review on Corona Virus

Coronavirus Vaccine Trails

The above news is stated by China government. But according to other conspiracy theories, experts are estimating more deaths and at the same time questioning the authenticity of death rates regarding Coronavirus. China is indeed downplaying the number of victims. The conspiracy arises with a tweet from a Chinese activist, he tweeted that there are 8 million inactive mobile users since January & the number reached 20 million by March 20th.

Losing 20 million customers in 3 months is unpredictable and unprecedented. The only question popping up right now is where these 20 million people are. Some papers mentioned that the sudden fall in mobile users is due to migrating employees. Since they use two numbers one went inoperative. Skepticism over numbers remains the same. According to Science magazine, 80% of cases are undocumented since the outbreak. So, these theories mentioned that the stats provided by the Chinese officials on Coronavirus are false.

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*Note: Figures As per the Date, for Fresh stats, Follow the below source link


The above table is the list of people affected by Coronavirus over the world. The results are shocking since china is the place where the Coronavirus disease originated, but the recovery rate, new cases & deaths are in complete control. Compare to china countries like the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany & France are most affected by Coronavirus.

After going through the figures the conspiracy theory surrounding Coronavirus disease is building strong. The USA is conducting thousands of tests every day and the figure is going high day by day. So, more the tests, more the patients. It is the responsibility of every country to conduct more tests to completely eradicate the Coronavirus.

After going through hundreds of articles and news reports, comparing the conspiracy theories, I have concluded the reasons, why China is to blame for this pandemic.

The four-strong reasons why China is to blame for coronavirus are as regards:

  1. China ignored the reports of the coronavirus when it is reported for weeks
  2. China targeted the whistleblowers
  3. China destroyed test samples of patients
  4. China lied to the world about the seriousness of the pandemic

If China had been transparent about the situation and corona outbreak the world would have a head start in containing this epidemic. “China lied people died” is the fact.

The Story Behind the Coronavirus Outbreak:

The first case of Coronavirus was reported in November the patients showed the symptoms of cold, breathlessness and flu-like symptoms. Doctors thought it is pneumonia and continued treating them with various mediation related to pneumonia, but the patients continue to become sicker and more people get infected.

The Coronavirus is spreading but the authorities are of no clue about this disease. Later on, the director of Wuhan hospital was decided to carry on some tests and the news was later published in china newsweekly and magazines.

The samples from the affected people with Coronavirus have undergone lots of tests and the results came back by the end of December. The results are indicated like SARS-like Corona Virus a new disease that is rapidly spreading in Wuhan.

Doctor’s across the china started reporting the similar cases, one of them was Dr. Li Wenliang ( he noticed early reports of the viruses, he was an ophthalmologist at Wuhan hospital, he was alarmed by what he saw. He was one of the first whistleblowers and warned his colleagues about  Coronavirus.

Dr. Li Wenliang: Talking about Coronavirus

Dr. Li Wenliang: Talking about Coronavirus

The message was spread across we chat, china has internet police sensors placed everywhere to control viral messages. China Internet police took strict measures against the doctor & projected him as a whistleblower. Dr. Li was summoned by the police in Wuhan, he was accused of spreading lies & rumors about CoronaVirus, and he is targeted only for speaking truth.

Dr. Li died last month in February he continued treating coronavirus patients as the government continued targeting him. After this incident, it was well established that there is a Coronavirus disease outbreak in Wuhan, China.

The death of Li provoked considerable grief and anger on social media which became extended to a demand for freedom of speech. The hashtag #wewantfreedomofspeech gained over 2 million views and over 5,500 posts within 5 hours before it was removed by the censors, as were other related hashtags and posts.

There are several patients & authorities have collected samples, researchers are carrying out test & Beijing has been informed they knew what’s going on and that is when the cover-up begins.

In the first of Jan, 2020 this year an employee of a genomics company reportedly received a phone call from an official (this is a very important turn as this company was involved in this testing of the coronavirus samples) the china’s provincial health commissioner ordered to stop testing and they are ordered to destroy all the existing samples & bury the proof of the outbreak.

Two days later 3rd of Jan, 2020, China national health commission ordered all institutions & publications to not publish any information regarding the outbreak. Labs are ordered to transfer the samples that they have or destroy them. But this outbreak was too big to hide.

Six days later China has to admit that they are dealing with the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. So, to sum it up when the disease is detected China is refused to acknowledge it and when the concerns are raised china tried to silence voices. When the proof was provided China destructed it & when the world is beginning to know about the outbreak it suppressed the facts and let the virus spread.

When the counties around the world tried to impose travel restrictions or warnings, China lashed out at them. China said that they are spreading panic. When the Chinese citizens faced scrutiny outside, they said they are victims of racism. When the world demanded accountability, China said that the CoronaVirus is an American import.

For weeks China diplomats are churning out propaganda that they are pushing conspiracy theories, they’re trolling critics and blaming the USA for an outbreak. The virus could have been stopped, in the budding stage, but due to the reckless nature of china, it has unleashed a pandemic on the world.

Conspiracy Theories on Coronavirus

Some theories & studies stated that a possible misfire of biological weapons is the cause for  #Coronavirusoutbreak & strongly trumpeting that the virus is originated in a Chinese laboratory. If China is accountable for this pandemic outbreak then they have done an un-regrettable mistake.

If this is the case of a Biological weapon there won’t be any wars in the future. If every country starts preparing the new bio-weapons, the possibility of new virus outbreaks will be more in our perspective future. If this is the case, the third world war will be less of Missiles & war crafts, but full of biological weapons & viruses killing people softly. This is just, a conspiracy theory on Coronavirus & shedding the light on how bio-weapon can destroy the world in no-time.

The Conspiracy Theories on COVID-19: A Critical Review on Corona Virus

The Conspiracy Theories on COVID-19

We all know that the Coronavirus was the virus outbreak in china & converted into epidemic & later on emerged into a fatal pandemic without a proven medicine & vaccine. The scientists all over the world are working round the clock to discover a Vaccine/drug to cure & control this pandemic but in vain.

The only way to curb coronavirus is self-quarantined & social distancing. The truth will prevail soon about the actual root and cause of this outbreak. Until then stick to homes, follow self-hygiene, avoid unnecessary gathering and stay safe!!

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