The Changing Face of Technology

Changing Technology

The Changing Face of Technology

The Changing Face of Technology

The world has experienced gigantic changes over the previous decade. We currently live in a world where communication is the most important thing (internet, the smartphone have entered our lives and all the information we want will be available with one click) It appears that everybody and everything is connected directly or indirectly in some way.

Technology in the last decades

Even for school students, things have substantially become more productive (during my schooling I used to rely totally on textbooks, and knowledge will be gained by my teachers and their notes, but now the scenario is very different.

The world became so fast-paced. Research papers and thesis work were very laborious at that time, scientists used to work extensively for preparing a research output. Documentation work and references are a Herculean task.

The changing face of Technology

The changing face of Technology

Nowadays, the data is currently accessible at the snap of a mouse. Scientists are storing the data in various online databases and millions of scientific data are publishing online, and it is available in an openly accessible platform.

Questions that individuals considered with no answer beforehand can now address very quickly. People used to rely on libraries and newspapers for information, but now things changed so drastically that, one Google search can give you thousands of Answers for the Questions.

There are incalculable destinations loaded up with instructive short articles everywhere throughout the Internet. Recordings and music would now be able to be seen on interest. The digitalization of the music is doing wonders.

First cassettes are the major contributors for listening and later it is replaced by Compact disks, iPods. Nowadays, with internet people are Streaming & listening to songs effortlessly. The radio stations are also becoming online, and now we can stream countless songs of our interest. The world of cinema has been changed on a higher note.

In the previous days, people used to stick to one TV channel and have to wait for the weekend to watch a movie. These days’ people are watching “N” Number of movies per day with online platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Prime video, etc.

Technology then & now

The changing face of technology

Technology now

Organizations just as people have come to depend on the Internet as a wellspring of promoting real deals. Whole plans of action have been built and flourishing dependent on utilizing Internet sites. News from over the world can be conveyed in a moment.

Information is just passing in microseconds, thanks to the high-speed bandwidths and internet connectivity. Landline telephones are mostly covered with dust, and they are replaced by 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G mobiles, causing a severe threat to Human & bird species. The Radiation which emits from the cell phone towers is deteriorating the health on a large scale.

Technology is taking us to every nook and corner of the world. Satellites are playing a key role in Communication. Private Aerospace manufactures like Space X is doing outstanding Business in Astrophysics and Space Explorations.

Artificial intelligence is going to rule the world very soon and most of the developed countries are using it enormously. Human beings are replaced by machines and bots. Android Market is in full swing. The world is inventing thousands of APPS every day. Mobile phones are the main targets and these tiny machines have become a part of our lives.

Frauds Associated with Technology

Technology is making people lazy these days, and many fraudulent practices are taking place. Online scams, cyber-crimes are on the rise. People are sharing their personal information on social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat is using this information for personal gains without their knowledge. The data shared on social and online platforms are not safe, especially social media, the fair example is the data breaching, Eavesdropping, and Surveillance of individual accounts by some big companies like Facebook.

Phishing emails are on full rise, it is nothing but sending a mail with the help of a fake email account with a link attached to it. People who click this link will be the scapegoats for modern technology since all the sensitive information on your phone or laptop will reach the fraudster allowing access to your device.

So, never open an email which includes lots of links and URLs. Replica websites created by cybercriminals mostly look like government official sites. The web page resembles exactly like the original one, but with false information, and most of the time asking people to register for fake job offers, by demanding some amount of money.

Without reviewing, never install an APP. Any mobile app which is built with the less downloading size is a big NO because most of the time these apps are not real. I observed an official app which is having a size of 150 MB to download is getting only for 10 MB of size.

I later contacted the former app which is having heavy size. The customer care replied that we have only one official app which of 150 MB and we don’t have any app with less than 10 MB. The app with less size is a fake one that comes with an advantage of data saving.

Most of the people think that it is the original app and at the same time thought of saving the data. Here, People are doing the mistake by downloading this APP, as soon as you download this APP all the information in your device will be transferred to the third person with advance technology. So, never download an APP which is of less size.

How to overcome Problems from changing Technology

Always look for a site which ends with “S” i.e. HTTPS but not HTTP. Sites that are distributing Obscenity is a major threat to your device because these sites are created with complex and difficult to Handle because it is interlinked with many other links, which will redirect your device to unknown places. If you visit this site by mistake a bug will settle in your smart Gadgets and all valuable information will be lost.

The Changing Face of Technology

Overcoming Problems form Technology

The dark web is the World Wide Web content that exists on dark-nets, overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. Drugs, flesh trade, illegal transactions, smuggling, hacking, illicit activity (including the trafficking of stolen personal information captured through means such as data breaches or hacks) are carried out by the dark web. Use Free Dark Web Scan to check whether your information is stored on the dark web.

Install good Anti-virus software to get rid of Malware. Social media account should be monitored regularly and password update should be done regularly. Cybercriminals are out there and will do anything to make money with incredible technology steal user information.


As we are becoming more digitalized with technology, so, we are opening ourselves to more and more types of cyber-crimes. There are many ways to protect you from cyber-attacks. Protecting yourself will make you less vulnerable to cyber-attacks; therefore prevent yourself from protecting your personal information.

Technology can be a great resource for communication, productivity, social connectivity, education, cognitive enhancement, creativity and expression, digital literacy to name a few. These are all very useful when used in a balanced way.

Problems can arise, however, when misuse or abuse these tools to replace real-world activities and face-to-face interactions, with virtual experiences. The truth will surface eventually where this all will lead. We should capitalize on the positive potential outcomes of innovation, yet we should keep a cautious watch on where we are going. Information is power and technology is a superpower.

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