Cricket World Cup final 2019: Who is the Real winner??

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Cricket world cup 2019

Cricket World Cup final 2019: Who is the Real winner??

The 2019 world Cup is very unpredictable; the top teams which we thought would lift the cup have reduced to semis and the dependent teams, on the other team results have escalated to the final triumph. Cricket is a funny game we can’t expect what is going to happen the very next minute. The final clash between the English side & kiwis was one of the most dramatic matches in the cricket world cup history.

Where both teams played until there last blood and ended up the contest with unpredictable & unimaginable results. The world Cup match was a tie. Even after that players entered the field again and played a super-over. The result is the same again, no one succumbed. But due to one senseless rule, England has declared as the winner (it was justifiable if both teams are announced as joint winners). New Zealand teams were forced to finish as runners-up for world Cup 2019 even though the final match ended up as a tie after the Super Over.

World cup 2019: Newzealand Innings

Opting to bat, New Zealand had put up a fighting total of 241/8 in the final match of World Cup 2019. The New Zealand opener Nicholas scored a half-century and further 30 runs were added by the skipper Kane Williamson and later 47 runs were contributed from Latham. The pitch behaved very differently afterward and runs are hard to difficult to score. New Zealand played well in tough conditions and posted a fighting total. England bowler’s Chris woakes and Liam Plunkett took 3 wickets each.

World Cup 2019: England Innings

To defend the score England started on a slow run rate, New Zealand bowlers bowled very effectively and restricted England with outstanding bowling. They Rattled the England top order, only the opener batsman Bairstow managed to score 36 runs. England restricted to score 86/4 in 24 overs.

Ben stokes and Butler slowly started building the partnership and cautiously score the runs. The duo completed the 100 runs for the fifth wicket and brought England back into the game. If this momentum had continued then the chasing might be easy for England.

World cup

World Cup 2019: Newzealand Domination

World Cup 2019: Newzealand Domination in Bowling

But with incredible bowling efforts, the black caps damaged the English side again, by dismissing Butler at the crucial time. Following Butler, England lost 2 more wickets. After that debacle, the only recognizable batsman was Ben stokes, and he should take the responsibility to complete the world-cup final task with the help of tail-enders.

World cup

World Cup 2019: New Zealand Domination

World Cup 2019: England Bounce Back

In the last five overs to play England needs 46 runs. Stokes took the burden on his shoulders and Allure England to the final over of the world Cup final. England requires 15 runs in the final over, with two wickets still in hand. The first two deliveries were unplayable and no runs were scored. But for the third ball stokes hits a six into the stands.

From the fourth ball of the final over, stokes drove the ball in the mid-wicket and he was in a hurry to complete the second run. In the meantime, Guptil fielded the ball and threw it back to the striker’s end. Stokes dived to complete the run but the throw from Guptil deflected off stokes bat and ball traveled to the boundary conceding 6 runs. This over-throw is considered to be the turning point in the world cup Final.

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Ben Stokes Apology

World Cup 2019: Controversial Decision by Dharmasena

This decision by the umpire to give 6 runs after overthrow is criticized by many experts, calling it an error of judgment. (England should only have been awarded one completed run in addition to the overthrow boundary as Stokes and Rashid had not crossed at the moment). In the next two balls, England went for a run each and the scored are tied.

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Dharmasena Decision

The World Cup 2019: Super Over (Tie- Breaker)

England ended up on the same score & the doors are open for the super over. So, as per the rules if scores are tied the next alternative is a tie-breaker. The gusty stokes who played incredibly well to keep his team in the contest were all set to bite the bullet with the butler. So it’s time for Super over, each team will have 3 batsmen and a bowler. Boult is the bowler and the stokes were going to strike the ball.

The First ball took an outside edge and England got 3 runs. The second ball was going to face by the butler and he scored only one run, the third ball was bowled on offside and stokes adjusted himself and drove the ball between the gap to achieve 4 runs.

The fourth ball got only one run and Buttler return to strike the ball. The fifth ball is a Yorker but Butler managed to cross the ball away towards deep extra cover for a couple of runs. The final ball of the over was a full toss and butler played it towards deep mid-wicket to complete the innings with the boundary for a four! England made 15 runs in super over of world cup final.

England set a target of 15 runs and the kiwis need 16 runs to win the contest. Guptill and Neesham are the batsmen and the archer is the bowler. He needs to bowl incredibly well to make their team win. The first bowled by the archer was aside and kiwis scoreboard started with Extra runs. The first ball was a perfect yorker but Neesham dug it off to the long-off for a couple of runs.

The third ball was a fuller one and kiwis managed to score 2 runs due to the misfield by Jason Roy. The fourth ball is also a full in length and 2 more runs for kiwis. The fifth ball Neesham misses the pull shot but managed to complete the single run. So, After playing the first 5 balls of the super over, Guptil got a chance to play the final ball. Kiwis need two runs to win the match.

If they get both the runs the world cup will be theirs. The final ball is full-length delivery but Guptil didn’t strike it well and tried to run for two runs but in the process fell short of the crease and in the meantime, butler dived and ignited the stumps. Kiwis in the process of chasing ended up with the same score and the super over was also a tie, but based on the boundary count England was announced as winners.

World cup

Super Over Rules

England Announced as Winners

Is it fair to decide the world cup winner based on Boundary count? When two teams perform equally well and scored are leveled, obviously, we go for a tie-breaker I.e. super over, but even after that feat if both teams didn’t succumb and showed their wit, and the results are same again. Then who is the winner?? To me both are winners. But according to one stupid rule England was announced as the world cup winners. It’s fair to announce both the teams as winners!!

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            England Lifting the World Cup

World Cup 2019: Final Thoughts

In my opinion, no one has lost the World Cup final, it’s merely luck that England had won. England was declared as winners on boundary count. New Zealand gracefully accepted the loss. It’s pretty hard to swallow and it’s gut-wrenching to accept the fact. This is heart-breaking for New Zealand and it’s the stuff of nightmares for black caps.

I felt very bad for kiwis. Four years ago New Zealand lost the final to the mighty Aussies and now still the bad virtues follow. I think New Zealand and its captain won the heart of cricket fraternity with real sportsmanship, spirit, and gentleman nature. According to me winning people’s hearts is real victory and Kane did it, he is the testimony to this fact that “Never give up in life”.

The role played by Ben stokes is incredible and he is hailed for his heroic innings under pressure in contests like World cup final. A man born in New Zealand and the man, who wears England blue jersey, took away the cup from New Zealand.

ICC should consider rewriting some rules in cricket, especially for major tournaments like the world cup. On-field, Umpires should be very cautious and decisions should be made after proper reviewing.

One bad judgment (maybe the decision took by Dharmasena was correct, but at the same time it was camouflaged as controversial and confusing) can lead to permanent damage. Even the mere one run can make a big difference and this contest was a great example.

The fate of New Zealand is drafted badly. The stubbornness & wrangling spirit of both the teams will be remembered in cricket world cup history forever. “It’s Ecstasy for England and agony for New Zealand”

(Note: This article is inspired by the final World cup match between England and New Zealand. Views expressed in this article are my personal).


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