Barbarika: An Unusual Warrior Who Can End the Kurukshetra War in a Minute

Barbarika An Unsung Hero of Mahabharata:

Mahabharata is like an ocean, it has many great characters to remember. Every character has its importance and significance. Like that Barbarika is one. Barbarika is none other than the grandson of Bhīma and Hidimba & son of Ghatotkacha & Maurvi. He is well versed in all war crafts since childhood. He is one of the highly talented war men. By seeing his skills the gods have gifted him with three bows. They blessed him with bows and said with these bows no one in this world can kill you.


Barbarika an Unsung Warrior

Barbarika Blessings from Lord Shiva:

He learned the Warcraft from his mother. Lord Shiva was pleased with him and gifted him with three infallible arrows, with this bows he can finish any war in one minute. Later, the god of fire gave him a bow, with this bow he is undefeatable in three worlds.


Barbarika with his Three Bows

Barbarika Promise to his Mother:

He grew up at the same time the Kurukshetra war is on full swing, and it is the responsibility of countrymen in India to join on one end of the battle. It is not surprising that the barbarika have to join the war. His mother directed him to join on the weaker side of the army. He promised his mother that he would join the side which would be losing.

Barbarika’s Revelation:

Before the epic war began, Lord Krishna arranged a meeting with the great warriors in India. All the outstanding warriors have attended the meeting. Then lord Krishna uttered like this:

If the war is going to commence then how long it will take to be finished? The mighty Bhisma told that he will take 20 days to finish the war. In the same way, Drona answered he will consume 25 days, then Karna expressed that he will take 24 days & Arjuna said 28 days to finish the war.


Barbarika Revelation

“Out of the blue” Barbarika surprised everybody and said he will take only one minute to finish the war. After listening to him, Everybody in the assembly gave a mocked expression, underestimates and thought he is over-confident and Arrogant & dispersed from the Assembly.

As we know he became very powerful after receiving the bows (From Lord Shiva) and he can easily destroy anyone with the release of the three bows. The specialty of the bows is: The first one will target the people, which he wants to kill, and the second one is capable of segregating the untargeted people, and the last one is very powerful which will destroy the targeted army and leaves the rest.

Lord Krishna Meets Barbarika in Disguise:

Lord Krishna with his foresight came to know about the bows of the Barbarika and he wants to test his efficiency and power. So, Lord Sri Krishna disguised himself as an old Brahmin and interrupted Barbarika when he is on his way to the Kurukshetra war.


Lord Krishna in Brahman Avatar

The Brahmin says: “I have heard a lot about your wit and amour and also heard about your statement on war, that you could finish the war in one minute”. After seeing you I feel uncertain about your abilities and want to see your strength. Lord Krishna provoked him with his words, after listening to him, Barbarika asked him what do you want? what I should do to prove my power?

Krishna replied, you should vanish all the leaves in the forest with your power, for that he smiled and targeted all the leaves in the forest. He closed his eyes to pray for the god, in the meantime lord Krishna hid one leaf under his feet.

Barbarika aims the target and the arrow completes the task, and as a magnet comes near to Krishna’s feet, Krishna was astonished and asks, why it is targeting my feet? He replied that maybe one leaf is beneath your foot, so it is hovering like that. This scene confirmed that the mighty warrior can complete the war promptly in one minute. Lord Krishna with enriched enthusiasm asks him that which side you are going to support in the war.

Barbarika replied, that I have promised my mother to support the weaker side. So, in that case, I will be on the side of Pandavas. Krishna bewildered & asked him if the Kaurava become weak after you join the forces of Pandavas? He replied then I will be on the Kaurava side. Krishna in his mind chanting like this “If Barbarika is going to switch the sides then no one will win the battle.” Krishna with his smart maneuver ask him to full fill his one wish.

Barbarika Full-Filling Lord Krishna Wish:

Barbarika has a habit of fulfilling the wish of people without going back. He promised to give anything he wants. Then, Krishna asks for Decapitation (it is nothing but the complete separation of the head from the body or Beheading). Lord Krishna in Brahmin avatar asks him to cut his head.

Barbarika was confused and puzzled, he understood that the Brahmin is a disguised person. He pleaded him to reveal his original form. Lord Krishna with his divine grandeur and grace revealed his original form i.e. Lord Vishnu. Barbarika was overwhelmed & delighted after witnessing the great power.

Then he replies I will fulfill your wish but, I have a small request, he says that although I couldn’t participate in the war, I want to watch the war as a mere spectator. Krishna agreed to his request and later on, Barbarika beheaded himself and hand over his head to Krishna.

Barbarika Judging the Man Behind the Pandavas Victory:

Lord Krishna places the head of barbarika at the top of the cliff, from there he can witness the Kurukshetra war. After the war ended, there is a debate among the Pandavas, who is the main reason behind the victory. Lord Krishna suggested asking Barbarika since his head over the cliff was silently watching the ferocious event.

Barbarika replied that it is Sri Krishna alone who is responsible for the victory. His vision, tactics, Game plans and his presence had made the difference. He says that he had seen Sudarshana Chakra in the battlefield, destroying the Kaurava race into Pieces. I can also see Draupadi incarnated in the form of Mahakali & drinking blood, without allowing a single drop of blood to fall on the ground.

After the war ended, Sri Krishna drowned the head of Barbarika into the river name Rupawati. Krishna gave him a lot of blessings. His head traveled in the river and in Kalyug his head was found buried in the village of katu, which is in Rajasthan. Roop Singh Chauhan, king of katu collected that head and built a temple with the help of Barbarika Head.

The place where the beheaded idol was dug is called Shyam Kund. Shyam is nothing but the name of Sri Krishna. Since, he did a great sacrifice by killing himself, to full-fill the wish of Krishna he is given the name of Krishna i.e. Shyam. Krishna told that if someone chants the name of Barbarika with pure and selfless heart then there wishes will be Full-filled.

Anyone who takes shelter of Lord Krishna will always be victorious in life. Barbarika typically represents our mind. He wants to choose the losing side & therefore confused in taking the decisions, as an uncontrolled mind. An inconstant mind is its enemy & it is the reason for his agony.

Note: A special thanks to my grandma for sharing this story, she is the source behind this wonderful article. Her knowledge of ancient mythology is just incredible. Thank you…Granny…

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