The Incredible Journey of Migratory Birds

The Incredible journey of migratory birds

The journey of migratory birds

The Incredible Journey of Migratory Birds 

Have you ever seen a flock of birds flying in the sky? Have you ever wondered where the birds are heading? Migratory birds are one of the natural miracles in the world. Birds migrate thousands of kilometers every year to cope with climatic conditions, breeding, food, and safety.

Why the Migratory birds choose to migrate

Migratory birds are one of the greatest wonders in the world. The journey of migratory birds is really inspiring. Every year thousands of birds migrate from the northern hemisphere to the South for survival & breeding to overcome the harsh Climatic conditions. Migratory bird species travel from one continent to another for survival instinct. It is one of the fascinating and wonderful things. Humans always detour, even with GPS and Google Maps, but how this bird species travel and migrate without any route map or satellite.

I used to think about it; every day when the sun is going down, birds return to their home by making a V-formation. The head of the flocks navigate the route, and the rest of them follows. I always wonder about the to and fro motion of these birds.

Every year birds migrate two times, migrate, and the next to reach their home again. The climate started changing like every year. A group of birds is all set to migrate from North to South. The flock of migratory birds with their tiny wings started their journey. As usual, the most senior and experienced migratory bird is leading the journey.

What makes migratory birds fly

The internal clock, I.e., GPS, acts as a navigator. The sun’s moment will serve as a compass & mountains, valleys, and rivers will act as landmarks. The migratory birds’ GPS SYSTEM is phenomenal, and many ornithologists are fascinated to know the secret behind it. Every day they have to travel a certain distance, then after sunset, they should relax, have food and then travel again.

The fat deposits in the body are the main source of energy for migratory birds. They act as a natural fuel to cope with flying. Every day they are traveling at 30km/hr by taking regular breaks to save the body. The journey is not at all easy. The climate may behave differently at any time.

Challenges faced by migratory birds

Unexpected things may happen at any moment. Some birds feel exhausted and unable to fly. Some are new to the journey; the senior & experienced birds know about these consequences, motivating the rest of the migratory birds never to give up. Strong winds, a humid climate, sudden rains are making the journey hard. The landmarks which are the source of navigation are also causing trouble due to these conditions. The direction in which they are heading is disturbed due to these incidents. So, they decided to take a rest for some time.

The senior bird suggests flying during the night. With the help of stars, they can travel to a certain extent, but it is a risky process since these migratory birds are not nocturnal species. Confidence and willpower will always make you win.

So, with the motivation from senior birds, the flocks of birds started flying at night. Due to human interventions and deforestation, the birds are facing difficulty traveling with the help of landmarks. The mountains, valleys that act as GPS are vanished due to the human species. The tall buildings and towers are creating havoc already.

The birds were confused with the human lighting system; they thought these heavy lights as solar lights and often ended up at the wrong destinations. The radiation emitting from the cell phone towers is making the migratory birds species confuse. The immune system and body resistance are losing slowly, and some birds began to fall due to these high radiations.

Even after all these disturbances, the birds still didn’t lose hope and started flying at higher altitudes. They completed half the distance by facing lots of trouble and still have to face many uneven effects.

This is the new challenge to the migratory birds; compare to every year, the conditions have changed drastically. They collected all the energy and started flying again. The sad thing is that the birds are migrating to survive, but traveling has become a survival instinct. Life is flowing in the winds, and life says, whatever happens, let it be, don’t lose hope, fly. Migration is a gamble & perilous journey and involves a wide range of threats, often caused by human activities.

The migratory birds should understand the threats and move in the right direction. Maybe with god’s grace & with the help of sunlight in the day and stars in the night, the birds started moving forward. The flower blossoms, the plants’ color, the changing season & deciduous trees helped the migratory birds reach their destination.

“Their navigational skills are amazing, wonderful, and generally beyond our ability to explain.” So, like this, many birds migrate to different parts of the world. Previously their journey is easy because the natural habitats are safe, but now the scene has changed completely.

The incredible journey of migratory birds

The journey of migratory birds

Threats to migratory birds

Depending on the migratory birds’ size, they can find themselves in danger from foxes, wolves, humans, or many others. And occasionally, birds have been known to fly into the path of airplanes. This can be dangerous to both birds and airplanes.

The biggest cited reason surrounds habitat loss. Other threats include overhunting, accidental mortality due to structural collisions, Cell phone towers and high band radiations, long-line fishing bycatch, pollution, oil spills, pesticide use, and climate change.

How to take care of migratory birds

Illegal hunting and poaching are also creating a danger to birds. So, it is the responsibility of humans to take care of these migratory birds. We should create bird-friendly landscaping by feeding the birds. Volunteers should effectively rehabilitate the birds. Support strong enforcement of local hunting laws and measures to prevent poaching or illegal hunting activities.

Migration is a natural part of many birds’ lives, but it is fraught with danger. By understanding the threats migrating birds face, every birder can safely help their feathered friends complete these seasonal journeys. Whether their migration is just a few hundred miles or as far as a few thousand, birds deserve the chance to reach their destination safely.

Don’t we move to different regions, In search of better economic conditions, jobs, careers, and education? Yet, some people, to lead a retired life. In this we sure are like birds in need, But more selfish & with lots of greed, Greed so much overpowers our needs, that our need becomes only greed. Of all the problems, this is the seed.

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